I’m a writer whose interests vary day to day; generally I enjoy learning and writing about sound, music, sense & perception, linguistics, neuroscience, physics & cosmology, literature, dance, and culture. More broadly, I like to view ideas through a lens of movement, gesture, pattern, communication, and scientific validation of — and inquiry into — the subjective. I also have very strong opinions regarding our education system, how we understand people and classes of people, and how we can actually go about living rather than just planning or dreaming.

By day, I’m a web production assistant for NOVA, the award-winning PBS documentary series housed at WGBH Educational Foundation in Boston. My responsibilities include writing and generating content for NOVA Next, our new platform for print science journalism. I also work on social media projects and help with other managerial and editorial tasks. I write and report in other contexts outside of my job, too, and hope to find more avenues for freelance reporting. ​

I graduated from Hamilton College in 2012 with degrees in physics and comparative literature. When I’m not writing, you can find me playing clarinet with the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra, browsing local bookstores, or eating muhammara, hummus, and grape leaves from one of the many Armenian markets in Watertown, MA where I live.

Visit my full professional profile at: http://www.allisoneck.com


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